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Creek County Storm Water and You

Protecting the water quality of our streams and rivers is something that is important to everyone in Creek County. While water that is flushed down the toilet or drains from the kitchen sink is treated at a treatment plant or septic tank, the water that enters street inlets or drainage ditches is not treated and travels directly into our streams.  Creek County has a program to reduce pollution entering into the environment through the storm water system, but we need your help.  Click the tabs above to learn more about Creek County’s Storm Water Management Program and your part in it.

·     Storm Water Management Program

·     Reducing Storm Water Pollution At Home

·     Reducing Storm Water Pollution During Construction

·     Useful Links - Storm Water/Environmental Brochures

·     Recycling in Creek County


For more information contact:

Matthew Ryan, Creek County Stormwater Coordinator
317 East Lee Ave.
Sapulpa, OK 74066

918-216-4370 or 



Dumping foreign material into the storm water system is also against the law.  If you see someone illegally dumping, call 918-216-4370 or 918-224-0278.



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